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Electronic Messaging Centers

With nearly 20% of the US population moving every a year, new potential customers with varying demographics are always viewing your signs. Electronic displays reach more customers than traditional signage and your message stays current. Your local sign company, Classic Sign Services, offers the latest technology and expertise in electronic and video messaging centers! 

The Future of Signage

Electronic Message Centers are the future of signage and offer the most versatile form of advertising. These bright signs are hard to miss and give you the opportunity to display a dynamic message with frequently updated, current content.

A truly eye-catching visual, Electronic Message Centers (EMCs) often display the current time and temperature, as well as utilize animation, unlimited color usage, and graphic elements to create an attention-grabbing visual impact. Electronic Message Centers provide quick and effective communication essential for every business or organization — whether you run a retail shop, auto dealership, church, school, restaurant, or bank.

Uniquely You

Every business is unique yet every business can benefit from having an EMC. They vary in size so you can have it in your window, on a signpost, or as part of your main roadside or parking lot sign.

Classic Sign Services experts will work with you to determine the right EMC display for your business needs. Because EMCs are not all created equal, we recommend consulting with Classic Sign Services professionals before you make your decision. Our EMCs offer the full spectrum of color (2.5 trillion colors) whereas many only give you a combination of a few. Contact us today for your free estimate and let us help you increase business with a custom EMC! 636-978-4664

Electronic Message Centers & Video Displays Increase Business

  • They allow real-time communication with potential customers.
  • They attract attention through animation and brightness, increasing awareness of your business location and products.
  • Your message is not limited by the size of your reader board or to only one message.
  • Unlimited graphics and colors can match your logo and other signage for an organized, professional image.
  • LED lighting is energy-efficient, lasts up to 30,000 hours, won’t attract bugs, and is reliable in extreme weather.


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