Illuminated & Regular Channel Letters

First Impressions Are Everything

Why not choose the most visible, attractive sign lettering available? Visible by day, luminous at night, channel letters provide great depth and precision to your company's sign. Classic Sign Services offers a vast selection of channel letters using a wide variety of materials and technologies to fabricate individual letters that achieve your desired effect.

Illuminated Channel Letters

Channel letters are also known as “internally illuminated letters.” This description says it all! Each letter is lit from the inside with light shining through the plastic sign face or out the back of the letter (called halo-lit or reverse channel letter).

We recommend illuminating your sign for better daytime viewing and that extra pizazz when the sun goes down. There’s a much greater impact with lighting for not a lot of cost. Classic Sign Services uses LED lighting for efficiency, durability, and more options. 

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Channel Letters (Ind. Illuminated Letters)