Pylon Signs (Free-Standing)

What is a Pylon Sign?

If you have several businesses in one building or want a permanent sign that stands tall, Pylon Pole Signs will separate your business from the rest! A pylon pole sign has a visible support structure and may be internally or externally illuminated. Since they are typically mounted higher in the air than monument signs, pylon pole signs offer excellent visibility from a distance. Classic Sign Services offers design and installation to modernize an old sign or create a brand new pylon sign, bringing in more business than ever before. 

Our Services

Like most other types of commercial on-premise signage, be sure and check with your local city or township ordinance for height and size restrictions or just ask us and we'll find out for you!

We offer free on-site evaluations and estimates and will help with the survey and permitting process. Since we have been in the greater St. Louis area for nearly 20 years, we know most communities' ordinances and specifications. We have in-house designers and installers to make your sign project a breeze! We are truly your one-stop-shop for all things signs. 

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Pylon (Free Standing Sign)